ASTVAeroassisted Space Transfer Vehicles
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Because ASTV carried live broadcasts of all major PAD rallies and speeches, this culture of vitriol was not limited to those physically present: PAD supporters convened their own events all around the country in front of large TV projectors, fueling the vicarious consumption of defamatory bile.
Los bocavirus humanos (HBoV), pequenos virus de ADN de simple cadena y sin envoltura, de la familia Parvoviridae, propuestos como posibles agente etiologicos de enfermedades respiratorias infantiles, fueron identificados en el 2009 como posibles agentes causales de gastroenteritis infantil, terceros en frecuencia despues de RV y AstV en ninos australianos con diarrea (49).
Under the agreement, which follows a letter of intent (LoI) signed by the parties in August, ASTV will pay for the acquisition with an issue of 19.08m own common shares, it said, adding that the price was calculated based on the value of its common stock on 2 November.
(148) 'Thirayut wipak Thaksin mung phadetkan-sampathanchat' [Thirayuth criticizes Thaksin as aiming for an authoritarian-concessionaire nation], ASTV Phuchatkan Online, 28 July 2004, (last accessed 26 Sept.
yat patyapatyasuhrdam anuvrttir ahga strlnam svadharma iti dharmavida tvayoktam I astv evam etad upadesapade tvaylse prestho bhavdms tanuhhrtdm kila bandhur atmd II 10.29.32 What was said by you, the knower of dharma--namely, that the svadharma of women is serving husbands, children, and friends--let it be so towards you, the lord, source of this instruction.
"If they don't go home, I'm not going to dissolve Parliament," Abhisit said in a live interview on ASTV. Other Thai media quoted Abhisit as saying the dissolution could take place Sept.
"The gunmen, riding in a pickup, fired about 100 rounds from assault rifles through the windows of Sondhi's car as he was on the way to moderate his regular program at the studios of the satellite TV station, ASTV, about 5am on Friday," Police Colonel King Kwaengwisatchaicharn said.
ASTV, owned by PAD's founder Sonthi Limthongkul, broadcast a clash between riot police and PAD volunteers on the ground in front of a stage where many senators taking turn making speeches in support of the PAD.
PTV was initially formed as legal response to ASTV, another net founded by Shinawatra supporters that is run off an illegal satellite feed.
SAVE pounds 100 on 15-inch ASTV TV/DVD combo by Acoustic Solutions.
But it does mean Sarah has to juggle two homes as well as her jobs asTV presenter and doting mum.