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ASURAs You Are
ASURAutonomous Surface Unit Remote (Schlumberger data acquisition unit)
ASURAnnual Safety Update Report
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This solution provides ASUR with real-time data to better anticipate, plan and control operations, assigning assets and resources more effectively.
Following the finalizing of the acquisition, ASUR expects to consolidate Aerostar's results into its financial statements.
Probers said Asur was killed by people allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.
Because of Tribasa's ongoing financial troubles, rumors of its potential departure from ASUR were circulating as early as May of this year (see SourceMex, 2000-05-31).
It is a potentially strong mix that ASUR hopes will enable it to greatly enhance the operational and commercial efficiencies of the airports now under its wing.
ASUR includes fifth-generation PDQ-WLR, the accelerated reliability standard in the test industry offered by Agilent since 1994.
ASUR Announces Total Passenger Traffic for December 2011 Up 15.
Since opening our first Starbucks store in Istanbul last year, we believe that the Starbucks brand has gained considerable recognition among Turkish consumers," said Asur.
Four-year contract insurance services ASUR elementary classes: Kasko - legal protection - all risk - accidents - RCA.
The SCT notified ASUR that the bidding process was declared void because the technical bids presented by the participants didn't comply with the requirements established in the bidding documents.
Mexican airport operator Asur said on Friday its October passenger traffic fell 7.
ASUR is also a 60% JV partner in Aerostar Airport Holdings, LLC, operator of the Luis MuAaAaAeA~oz MarAa International Airport serving the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan.