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ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Washington
ASUWAntisurface Warfare (US Navy)
ASUWArizona State University West (Phoenix, AZ)
ASUWAnti-Surface Ship Warfare
ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY)
ASUWAntisurface Unit Warfare
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In an effort to change the way technology use is perceived by many K-8 classroom teachers, education faculty at ASUW have implemented a Practicum Plus Program that directly impacts field placements for preservice teachers.
The cohort workshops were held in schools where a partnership existed with the ASUW College of Education for on-site classroom training for preservice teachers.
is an associate professor in bilingual education at ASUW.
is professor of education technology at ASUW and the director of a Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology grant.
ABBREVIATIONS AMS auxiliary minesweeper AO auxiliary oiler AOR auxiliary replenishment oiler APD auxiliary personnel transport destroyer ARL auxiliary repair light ARS auxiliary rescue/salvage ship ASR auxiliary submarine rescue ship ASROC antisubmarine rocket ASUW antisurface warfare ASV antisurface vessel; antisurface vehicle [e.
In the ASUW realm, the littoral is characterized by higher threat density (from both land and air) as well as a higher density of neutral or benign emitters such as commercial ships.
The P-3C community saw a shift immediately after Desert Storm, with the majority of flight hours now spent on ASUW rather than ASW," according to the officials.
In addition to sensor upgrades, the AIP includes several communications improvements that allow P-3C operators to transmit and receive tactical information to aid in target identification and classification and provide what the Navy calls a network-centric ASUW capability.
Complementing the "long legs" of its fixed-wing aircraft, the Navy has developed a considerable fleet of ship-based helicopters to provide short- and medium-range ASW and ASUW patrol for the majority of its surface vessels.
For its ASUW role, the Romeo will receive a new multimode radar that will include an ISAR capability, imaging and periscope detection modes and a FLIR with a laser designator.
The ability to conduct high fidelity ASW or ASUW training in a P-3C TORT will also reduce the number of flight hours required to train crews and help extend the life of the P-3C AIP fleet.
According to the request for information (RFI), the ASUW Improvement Program will enhance the aircraft's interoperability with ASUW |C.