ASVPAgent de Surveillance de la Voie Publique (French: Public Ways Monitoring Officer)
ASVPAnti-Series Varactor Pair
ASVPAda Simulator Validation Program
ASVPAdvanced Strategic Value Propositions (management consulting)
ASVPAustralian Society for Veterinary Pathology
ASVPAustralian Skills Vouchers Program
ASVPAir Saturated Vapor Pressure
ASVPArea Senior Vice President
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Using the ASVP decomposition, they propose a novel approach to identifying and extracting volumetric features from polyhedral objects: (i) ASVP decomposition is applied to the boundary representation of the given object to obtain the alternating sum of volumes; (ii) the ASVP volumes are then converted into feature entities by various combinations of these volumes; (iii) recognized features are then classified into generic groups based on volume contribution and local accessibility information using the normal vectors of the original faces of each component.
Menon and Kim [1994] suggest that local rounding operations such as fillets can be separately recognized and removed from the B-Rep, and the remaining features can be found by subsequently applying ASVP to the approximate part.
It can be renewed for a period of 1 year, without this period can not exceed 31 December 2017 alloti market: Lot o 1 "working clothes" Lot o 2 "Shoes - ePI " Lot o 3" work clothes for school staff " Lot o 4" clothing and equipment for the Municipal Police and ASVP " the amount of orders for the initial period is defined as follows: - lot o 1: 2 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 10 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 2 1 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 5 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 3 1 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 5 000 (HT) (max) - lot o 4: 5 000 (HT) (mini) - EUR 22 000 (HT) (max) The order amounts will be identical for the period of renewal
Contract notice: Acquisition of protective and defense equipment and work clothing for mpas, Asvps and park wardens of rosny-sous-bois