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ASWAntisubmarine Warfare
ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare (naval warfare)
ASWanti Spyware
ASWa Small World (online community)
ASWApplication Server Wireless
ASWApple Sales Web
ASWAnalysis of Student Work (teacher education)
ASWAlumino Silicate Wool (refractory ceramic fibre)
ASWApproved Social Worker
ASWAllgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (German: General Linguistic Studies)
ASWAußersinnliche Wahrnehmung (German: Extrasensory Perception)
ASWApplication Software
ASWArtificial Sea Water
ASWAdmitted Students Weekend (various schools)
ASWAssembly of the Sacred Wheel (Wiccan religious organization)
ASWAdministration in Social Work
ASWAmerican Spring Wire (various locations)
ASWArt Supply Warehouse
ASWAverage Surface Wind (US DoD)
ASWAnti-Spyware Software (computer security)
ASWAsset Swap
ASWAustralian Standard White (wheat)
ASWActual Silver Weight (numismatics)
ASWAmerican Studies Web
ASWAircraft Sustainment Wing (US Air Force)
ASWAmbrosia Software
ASWAswan, Egypt - Daraw (Airport Code)
ASWAssociation of Scientific Workers
ASWA Shared World
ASWAssociate Social Worker
ASWAmerican Shoot Wrestling
ASWAll Seems Well (OK signal in AT&T ESS)
ASWAuxiliary Seawater
ASWAudits and Surveys Worldwide
ASWAttention Seeking Whore
ASWAddress and Synchronization Word
ASWAuxiliary Saltwater
ASWAlternative Service Worker
ASWAdministrative Services Workstation
ASWAutomatic Switch to Working
ASWAmmonia Scrubber Waste
ASWAsynchronous Service Window
ASWAir Strike Warning
ASWAxial Spin Wave
ASWAzimuthal Surface Wave
ASWAmbulance Support Worker (UK)
ASWAgency Supplied Worker
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Of particular value is the authors' examination of antisubmarine warfare across the broad spectrum of ASW methods, technology, doctrine, and tactics.
That said, the first volume is an interesting, if occasionally highly technical, discussion of not only the development of ASW, but the theories and mechanical and scientific background of various equipment.
Using traditional Scottish twin copper pot stills crafted by Kentucky-based Vendome Copper & Brass Works, ASW Distillery will make whiskies and brandies using the double distillation method perfected by Islay, Highlands, and Speyside single malt makers over the centuries.
Turning to the Cold War, this second volume of "Hunters and Killers" examines the ASW developments this confrontation inspired in both the West and the Soviet Union.
Kirsty Williams ( Leader Welsh Liberal Democrats): the ASW steelworkers certainly have my support.
They take no notice of government literature which states pensions similar to those at ASW were safe and protected by law.
This was the best marketing tactic ever because people become desperate to get in, up to the point that it created a black market for selling ASW invites.
The Indian Navy also got closer to acquiring the ASW platforms that will stealthily seek and destroy lurking enemy submarines as the first GRSE built ASW Corvette, Kamorta, is expected to be delivered to IN this year.
The third partner of the educational triad, the ASW Navy College at Point Loma, provides evening educational programs through contracts, memoranda of understanding, or agreements of services between the Navy College office and accredited local colleges and universities.
In addition to its San Diego headquarters, Fleet ASW Command will have detachments in Yokosuka, Japan, and Norfolk.
To pay for new ASW capabilities, the Navy will reallocate funds from existing programs, said Rosbolt.
Sardone, Richard Sykes, director, and Patrick Gardner, senior vice president of CRESA Partners represented Roper ASW in the transaction.