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ASYAli Sami Yen (Stadium of Galatasaray, Turkey)
ASYAmerica Supports You (Office of Community Relations; US DoD)
ASYAfter Second Year (bird age categorization)
ASYAssembly Instructions (TMINS)
ASYAssociation Songtaab-Yalgre (French women's business association)
ASYAcademic School Year
ASYAmerican School Year
ASYAuto Service Yonnais (French automobile repair company)
ASYAssociation Sportive Yzeurienne (French football association)
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sargeant, sure it’s a great privilege to go to a mateing where a body can sit asy, without joomping up and down so often, as this Mr.
“And a mighty big error ye would make of it, Mister Todd,” cried the landlady, “should ye be putting the mat ter into the law at all, with Joodge Temple, who has a purse as long as one of them pines on the hill, and who is an asy man to dale wid, if yees but mind the humor of him.
It will provide ASY access to IBS' global talent pool with airline industry knowledge and technology expertise, along with some of the best processes and practices of software development.
One person (ZJC) aged all captured birds during 2007 and 2008 as either SY or ASY based on feather characteristics and wear on the greater secondary coverts of the wing according to Carney, (1992).
Gular pouches (see Speich and Manuwal 1974) of the 4 ASY birds taken between 29 March and 18 April 1971 yielded prey, whereas the tracts of 2 HY individuals taken on 17 and 20 July were empty (Table 2).
Lastly, we used a Mann-Whitney U rank-sum test ranked by latitude to examine the geographic distribution of ASY males and others across the range by using all detection points.
The Kyzyltepe Mayor's Office issued a written statement regarding the detentions, saying that Asy and Salman were taken in custody on the grounds that the signature campaign is not legal and that they were taken to Kyzyltepe Police Station.
Volume size distribution, asymmetry parameter (ASY) and real and imaginary parts of refractive index (RI) have been studied over Lahore from December 2009 to November 2010.
he asy the olls in event d he ed by BODYANDSOUL (3.45), whoalreadyboastswinand placed form in these competitive sales races, can makeabigimpact.
Floating self-clinching nuts with non-locking threads (Types ASy AC?
"Our analysis of Y-chromosomal DNA now confirms that wolves were first domesticated in Asia south of Yangtze River - we call it the ASY region - in southern China or Southeast Asia," Savolainen said.