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ASYAli Sami Yen (Stadium of Galatasaray, Turkey)
ASYAmerica Supports You (Office of Community Relations; US DoD)
ASYAfter Second Year (bird age categorization)
ASYAssembly Instructions (TMINS)
ASYAssociation Songtaab-Yalgre (French women's business association)
ASYAcademic School Year
ASYAmerican School Year
ASYAuto Service Yonnais (French automobile repair company)
ASYAssociation Sportive Yzeurienne (French football association)
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poor habitat conditions), lower wetland availability in the Prairie Pothole Region could result in more ASY females moving to alternate breeding areas, such as the Sandhills.
However, given the higher number of males on the breeding grounds (male-biased sex ratio: Aldrich, 1973), displacement may force both SY and ASY males to areas with lower quality habitat.
Gular pouches (see Speich and Manuwal 1974) of the 4 ASY birds taken between 29 March and 18 April 1971 yielded prey, whereas the tracts of 2 HY individuals taken on 17 and 20 July were empty (Table 2).
Date Observations/specimens Locality 1970, June 1 a few flocks 8 km east of Langara Island 1970, June 3 1 AHY (1) Near Cox Island 1971, March 25 1 ASY (1), [male] 1 km west of Pillar Bay (left testis, 7.
Taken together, the two studies provide very strong evidence that dogs originated in the ASY region," he said.
Archaeological data and a genetic study recently published suggest that dogs originate from the Middle East, but Savolainen rejects that view "because none of these studies included samples from the ASY region, evidence from ASY has been overlooked.
Most ASY males that we captured were territory holders but some were either floaters caught while trespassing on territories or were of unknown status caught in a summer roost.
001), indicating that SY and ASY males had similar morphologies within regions.
The correlation between mean replicate values (averaged over all the genotypes) of ASY and TDW is positive and significant (r = 0.