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ASYCUDAAutomated System for Customs Data
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Development and support costs are estimated at $800,000, and deployment at a maximum of $230,000 by country, according to ASYCUDA experts.
The ASYCUDA system is a computerized customs management system which covers most foreign trade that is relevant to customs processing as established by ISO, WCO (World Customs Organization) and the United Nations.
The impressive results wouldnt have been possible without the governments unwavering commitment to reform and modernization, said Marianne Dumont, who coordinates the ASYCUDA programme in the country, which lies about 2,000 kilometers to the northeast of Australia.
Key technical positions, such as computer programmer and technicians, for government systems such as ASYCUDA will be identified and trained.
If our current preparations continue as planned, we can link our SME apparel exporters' shipments to the ASYCUDA global e-system by May 2013.
Al Shobaki is currently visiting Jordan to get a first hand look at the role of the Jordan Customs Department in the implementation of the one stop-one shop system, the ASYCUDA system and combating trafficking to motivate investment and economic development in the kingdom.
The additional financing will support further rollout of ASYCUDA Declaration Processing System (DPS) and completion of the ongoing construction of the remaining truck parking area at Jalalabad Inland Clearance Depot (ICD).
ASYCUDA is a computerized customs management system designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development which covers most foreign trade procedures.
Most of the ASYCUDA WORLD software has already been tested and been found effective.
HM Customs will start to implement the new ASYCUDA World as from Thursday 14th September 2017.
Also, Mauritania made trading across borders easier by upgrading to the ASYCUDA World electronic data interchange system, which reduced the time for preparation and submission of customs declarations for both exports and imports.