ASYMAmerican Society of Young Musicians
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The FLAP ASYM light is brought on by an asymmetrical condition of the flaps.
The question that needs to be addressed is: "whether using an ELASTIC device can result in similar acute neuromuscular and anabolic hormonal responses as ASYM CAM?
In conjunction, ASYM will advise American Petro-Hunter Inc in operational, technical, engineering and financial matters.
More ammo (Stan's ASYM 230 FMG at 750 fps) kept it going.
However--and with no fault of the ammo or the rifle--the rifle simply didn't like the heavier 75- and 77-grain loads from Black Hills and ASYM.
XDM ARMSCOR FMJ/124 1,088 1,108 HORNADY XTP/147 915 927 BLACK HILLS JHP/124 1,131 1,175 FEDERAL GUARD DOG/105 1,161 1,179 FEDERAL HST/147 976 1,011 FEDERAL HST+P/147 1,008 1,041 PROGRADE GOLD DOT/124 1,250 1,284 ASYM SDX+P/115 1,142 1,174 WOLF FMJ/115 1,054 1,101
But it dearly loved some ASYM with 185 Barnes TAC-XP HP bullets, putting most into less than 1".
What Stan isn't saying is he makes a line of ammo called ASYM (we've featured it in Handgunner's pages) and have found it to adhere to precisely what Stan is talking about regarding common sense velocity, good bullet construction and reliable functioning.
5 Stan Chen made his bones building some of the finest custom pistols around, and now he's putting his penchant for precision into Stan Chen Customs ASYM ammunition.
Stan Chen's ASYM, Buffalo Bore, Garrett, Wilson Combat, DoubleTap and a few other, sometimes even smaller, 1-man operations, are in some cases new to the market place.
Another item to get excited about is the ASYM Precision ammunition included with this package.