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ASYNCInternational Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
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For all models, brood sizes and sexes were pooled to boost sample sizes and increase power to detect differences between SYNC and ASYNC young.
Three RJ11s, or modular phone jacks, are available on the rear panel for connecting the leased line, dial-up line and phone in addition to an RS232 serial port for connection to a sync or async device.
C# version 5 introduced two new keywords: async and await.
Today they support Novell LAN IPX traffic, TCP/IP applications and source route bridge functions for IBM AS/400s and SDLC capability for remote System 36s to an IBM 4381 mainframe and async terminal traffic to the HP3000.
One set of AMP patch panels contains async jacks that connect to the data switch; the other holds communications outlets corresponding to office outlets.
* Various Interfaces: 8bit Parallel & RS232C Async Serial, USB
He says it's the only one he has found that has full 2B+D capability plus 64 kb/s sync and 38.4 kb/s async B channel communications.
Async terminals and serial printers in the remote offices can access information on Sager's host computer.
Because Investors had received the MVMs without async chip sets, we elected to run port three at 2400 b/s sync, and operate the Diebold controller and terminals at 300 b/s async.
< medium: Async. We use Datapac 3101 (Canada's X.25 network) service to a custom X.25 host we maintain.