ASZAmerican Society of Zoologists (now Society for Integrative and Comparitive Biology)
ASZAcronis Secure Zone (hard disk partition; Acronis, Inc.)
ASZAir Safety Zone
ASZAku Soku Zan (gaming clan)
ASZAutomatisering Sociale Zekerheid (Dutch: Social Security Automation; Netherlands)
ASZAuto Stand-By Zoom (camera)
ASZAnwender Service Zentrum (German: User Service Center)
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The sweet asz wines are graded by the number of Puttonyos of nobly rotten grapes added to the blend.
Kaos and Silly Asz only spent a short time in morning drive time upon their return.
CLASS ACTS Royal Tokay Tokaji Asz 5 Puttonyos 1999.
elisabeth (mc campus zottegem and brakel), av and asz aalst vzw mssz (campuses aalst, wetteren and geraardsbergen) and our blessed lady hospital vzw (campuses aalst, asse and ninove).
DJ Kaos and Sylli Asz, his predecessors on "The Beat," were fired after a July 13 broadcast when a discussion ensued about confronting police officers.
DJ Kaos and DJ Sylli Asz were fired for an unfortunate segment in which they discussed how to fight police officers.
Contract notice: Disposal of construction waste asz incl.
Contract notice: Work Refection Municipal Roads Cami Vell Matemale 66210Le Present Market For A Heavy Pavement Creating Object On The Municipal Road Access To The Zae Capcir And Intermunicipal Waste Collection Center Since The D 118 Up ~At The Entrance Of Asz And The Waste Collection Site; The Works Are Located On The Territory Of The Municipality Of Matemale; They Concern A Part Of The Cami Vell Formigures.
The previously manufactured under contracts of SGD / PRN and the ASZ should be regrouped in a contract.
Contract notice: Framework agreement through central command asz: "appoint an external service for prevention and protection at work, the asz, the city of aalst, aalst~s welfare office, police aalst 5440, assistance zone south east".