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AT-4Anti-Tank 4
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Russian-made AT-4 Spandrel Konkurs missile system Egypt has been struggling for years to contain terrorist activities in Sinai.
The 980 mm long AT-4 CS HE weighs around nine kilos and proved the considerable destructive effect of its airburst warhead when flying over two cars located at a range of 400 metres during the demonstration.
AT-4 is a vertical well located approximately 10 km to the east of AT-2 and is the first well to be drilled on the eastern flank of the field.
Petroceltic International PLC (EG5.DB), an upstream oil and gas exploration and production company, has drilled well AT-4 on its Isarene permit in the Illizi Basin in South Eastern Algeria.
Incidentes como los lanzacohetes AT-4 de fabricacion sueca encontrados a finales de julio de 2008 a la guerrilla colombiana, que hacian parte de un lote vendido por ese pais a las fuerzas militares venezolanas; o las informaciones recopiladas en los ordenadores de Reyes donde se evidenciaban vinculos estrechos y colaboracion economica, politica y militar de funcionarios y militares venezolanos con la guerrilla colombiana (Semana, julio 27 de 2009), hacen que Uribe vea a Chavez mas cercano a las FARC que a su gobierno.
Haley said he talked with Selland about the commissioners' decision after the meeting and Selland indicated he will pursue development at-4 the Highlander and employ an onsite treatment or septic system.
Regiment, began by honing their rifle-marksmanship and AT-4 anti-tank skills.
The primary equipment utilized for the test was the Fette 2090i WIP tablet press and two Carlisle Barrier Systems isolators, housing a Fette Gratex De-Duster, a Safeline Metalcheck Unit, and a Schleuniger AT-4 Tablet Testing Unit.
17, 1928, when his AT-4 crashed on takeoff from Gorman Field Texas Location: 17 mi.
An Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms raid of a drug lab there had yielded one AT-4 Anti-Tank rocket.
Smith instructed a squad leader to get a nearby Bradley Fighting Vehicle for support and while waiting for the Bradley had the 2nd platoon retrieve AT-4 weapons and form a skirmish line.
BU2 Patrick King, a range coach from the 31st Seabee Readiness Group, demonstrates the M136 AT-4 rocket launcher to the Seabees Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40.