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AT-4Anti-Tank 4
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The 980 mm long AT-4 CS HE weighs around nine kilos and proved the considerable destructive effect of its airburst warhead when flying over two cars located at a range of 400 metres during the demonstration.
AT-4 is a vertical well located approximately 10 km to the east of AT-2 and is the first well to be drilled on the eastern flank of the field.
The AT-4 well has recovered 48 metres of core in the objective Ordovician Unit IV reservoir sequence.
Stewart Goodman, the battalion sniper-squad leader and AT-4 range-safety officer.
17, 1928, when his AT-4 crashed on takeoff from Gorman Field Texas Location: 17 mi.
An Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms raid of a drug lab there had yielded one AT-4 Anti-Tank rocket.
Smith instructed a squad leader to get a nearby Bradley Fighting Vehicle for support and while waiting for the Bradley had the 2nd platoon retrieve AT-4 weapons and form a skirmish line.
BU2 Patrick King, a range coach from the 31st Seabee Readiness Group, demonstrates the M136 AT-4 rocket launcher to the Seabees Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40.
In February last year, also on an SAS plane, two male passengers failed to declare they had a mock AT-4 rocket launcher in their luggage.
This reviewer recalls vividly the case of the shoulder-fired AT-4 anti-armor rocket, where the "required" thickness of steel was reduced to what the weapon's demonstrably-inadequate warhead could penetrate.
European standards (ISO 1947 methodology and its tolerancing grades AT-4 and AT-3) need to be applied for success, Lewis stressed.