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AT3Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology (US DARPA)
AT3Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class (US Navy)
AT3Automatic Tactical Targeting and Tracking
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The AT3 system installed in Dubai includes advanced safety and efficiency features, such as multi-radar tracking capabilities, advanced flight data processing, advanced safety net functions, online data interchange, arrival and departure management, and electronic flight strips.
Once I had a guy ask why we carry torpedoes on our jets when we're in the middle of the desert," said AT3 Mitch Rhee.
High Sierra's AT3 CarbonLite luggage focuses on lightweight durability for everyday use.
5R GAT TCC AGG TTG HSLIS10: 2909 TAG ACG GAC TG [right arrow] 2887 AT3.
According to the passenger statistics of the RTA, among the 11 stations that currently operate on the Red Line, the AT3 station has done consistently well to have the least passenger traffic on a daily basis.
A total of nine brands of artesunate designated as ATI, AT2, AT3, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, and AT8 were compared with the reference drug, AT9.
Personnel like CWO3 Mike Patek, CWO2 Ramsaur, AO1 Brink, AO1 Klein, AT2 Fagg, and AT3 Schmahl led the Warhawks maintenance, ordnance, and avionics team and completed the inspection with a zero/zero, indicating no major or minor discrepancies.
The fifth session, "Application of Air Power," will include briefings on AT3 ACTD; HACN; JUCAS payloads; the Navy 2.
AT3 John Jaccobs talks with the pilots of an MH-53 Sea Dragon before departing USS George Washington (CVN 73).
But when a tip-off led police to his home, they found a Soviet AT3 anti-tank "Sagger" rocket launcher and a 9mm German Luger pistol from World War I.