AT5Amstel Televisie 5 (Dutch: Amstel Television 5; news channel; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Pretreatment with atropine at concentrations of 1 or 5 mg/dL significantly increased %GR in treated groups with saline (AT1 +V and AT5 + V) or with insulin 1 U/kg (AT1 + 1 U and AT5 + 1 U) compared to non-pretreated ones (C+V and C +1 U, respectively).
7%) of the artesunate tablet brands AT1, AT2, AT4, AT5, AT6 & AT7 were under dose (range: 42-85.
Toch geen kort geding VDLaan," AT5, October 13, 2011.
Therefore, the number of available sites for H-bonding decrease and this may be the reason for the HBI values of AT2, AT3, and AT5 are smaller than that of ATI.
the thoughts of the Koran, if only they would watch enough MTV and would nicely pick up our porn programmes, and if they would normally work, and watch Buitenhof, and closely watch AT5, then perhaps they would take over our norms and values, or at least find them more appealing than that weird, dark mediaeval faith they themselves abide to.
After serving as a consultant to PTT Telecom, then head of Holland's biggest regional net, AT5, he become program director at RTL 5, boosting and share from 3% to 11%, until he was snapped up by SBS to become general manager in 1995.
Solicitou-se ainda que declarassem se o supermercado que mais frequentam disponibiliza ou nao os atributos AT1, AT2, AT3, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, AT9, AT14 e AT16 (ver descricao dos atributos no Quadro 1), por esses serem dicotomicos e terem desempenho mensurado pela presenca ou ausencia.
Contact the Gala's box office on (0191) 332-4041 and quote offer AT5.
A total of nine brands of artesunate designated as ATI, AT2, AT3, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, and AT8 were compared with the reference drug, AT9.
New Catalog from QTC features Econobelt timing belts and pulleys in 11 different profiles: MXL, XL, L, HTD3 HTD5, HTD8, T25, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10.
The details of which are as follows: Brand Model Serial Number Provider, Atrack AT5 359551037925897 American Technology, Inc.