ATAAAlternative Trade Adjustment Assistance
ATAAAustralian Technical Analysts Association (Eastlakes, New South Wales, Australia)
ATAAAir Transport Association of America
ATAAAssociation des Traducteurs/Adaptateurs de l'Audiovisuel (French)
ATAAAny Time At All (Beatles song)
ATAAAkhal-Teke Association of America, Inc.
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A growing base of individual ATAA members support the work of the Assembly through dues and donations.
To fulfill its mission and objectives, ATAA undertakes a number of activities, such as educational seminars for Turkish American communities on grassroots advocacy and civic leadership; conferences on contemporary political, social and economic issues related to Turkey and U.
Working as an information clearinghouse, ATAA regularly publishes reference material on issues that concern the Turkish American community.
ATAA hosts one of the most dynamic websites on Turkey and maintains and extensive e-mail communication network.
ATAA is a fast-growing umbrella organization of Turkish American associations throughout the United States, Canada and Turkey, dedicated to pursuing the interests of Turkish Americans and friends of Turkey in Washington and beyond.
Turkish relations, as well as derail the ratification of the Armenia-Turkey Protocols in which you have so wisely invested," the ATAA underlined.
exports to Turkey are more than 10 billion USD and create thousands of American jobs," the ATAA emphasized.
The best way forward for the Turkish and Armenian people is a process that works through the past in a way that is honest, open and constructive," the ATAA indicated.
The Turkish people will now be interested to see whether your Administration will restore America's credibility as a neutral party and supporter of the Protocols, or permit further deterioration by Congress action or in an April 24 statement," the ATAA underlined.
Bush on December 26, 2007, fully funds TAA and ATAA through September 30, 2008.
This report provides background on TAA and ATAA, summarizes key issues related to reauthorization, and briefly describes bills in the 110th Congress that affect the TAA and ATAA programs.
Contents Background on Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) TAA and ATAA Reauthorization Issues in the 110th Congress TAA and ATAA Legislation in the 110th Congress Bills to Temporarily Extend TAA and ATAA Bills to Reauthorize TAA and ATAA in the House Bills to Reauthorize TAA and ATAA in the Senate Other Related Bills