ATABArray Tape Automated Bonding
ATABAssociation of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (Banani, Dhaki, Bangladesh)
ATABArea Trauma Advisory Board
ATABAir Travel Advisory Bureau (UK)
ATABAir Transport Allocations Board
ATABAnti-Terrorism Accrediation Board
ATABAntirat Tubular Antigen Antibody
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L'accident s'est produit suite au renversement d'un autocar de voyageurs assurant la liaison entre Casablanca et la commune Ait Atab dans la province d'Azilal, precise-t-on de meme source.
A number of carriers have withheld "tens of millions of pounds from their customers" in refunded APD when passengers have booked tickets but not flown, the Air Travel Advisory Bureau (ATAB) said.
Baghdad / NINA /-- MP for Iraqiya slate Atab Doori said the IS will not attend the meeting of leaders of political blocs to be held under the auspice of President Jalal Talabani, if it does not touch the response by the State of Law Coalition on resolving the remaining provisions of Erbil agreement.
One of these accrediting organizations is called the AntiTerrorism Accreditation Board, or ATAB, founded in 2001.
To maintain healthy profit growths that has made it analysts' favourite telecom pick in the Atab world's biggest economy, Mobily will focus on boosting revenues from data, including broadband clients, and from corporate and wholesale clients, and on cost efficiency, El-Jamal said.
Possibly, by not resisting temptation, and by joining many others in the criticism of contentious researchers such as Pappe, whose political agendas are undisguised, Stein has neglected recent works on key topics, such as Hillel Cohen's 2006 study Aravim Tovim (Good Arabs), whose findings on Israels Atab minority are, while disputable, considerably more nuanced than 1948 war expulsion claims made by Ilan Pappe, and also more germane to a book devoted principally to what happened in Israel after the 1948 war.
Using the Average Total Absolute Bias (ATAB) and its Coefficient of Variation (CV) presented in table 4, the five estimators are ranked as shown in table 5 in increasing order of bias and coefficient of variation under [P.sub.1] and [P.sub.2].
Corwood and BioZone established a "blue sky" research and development team, known as the Advanced Technology Advisory Board (ATAB), whose goal is to discover and apply new technologies to the cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.
v Association des detaillants en tabac (ATAB), 1977 E.C.R.
I am also grateful to Atab Nigeria Investment Limited for inviting me to contribute in the study of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Tada--Tshoga flood plain and irrigation project of the Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority, Ilorin--Nigeria.
ATAB is offering the complete New Year's Eve package in Ibiza for pounds 389 per person.