ATABAssociation of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (Banani, Dhaki, Bangladesh)
ATABArea Trauma Advisory Board
ATABAir Travel Advisory Bureau (UK)
ATABAir Transport Allocations Board
ATAbAntirat Tubular Antigen Antibody
ATABAnti-Terrorism Accrediation Board
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He provides ATAB with a glowing reference on its website, as well he might, because although the website doesn't mention it, Hughbank is also the chairman of ATAB's Standards Committee.
The certification chairman for ATAB is a man named Keith Flannigan.
ATAB is a subsidiary of the Switzerland based Ascom Group.
ATAB, the Air Travel Advisory Bureau, offers flights to Nairobi - Kenya for pounds 316 return, departures from Edinburgh and Glasgow.
The Air Travel Advisory Bureau, ATAB, is offering return flights from Glasgow to Toronto for pounds 199 if you go this month.
The FCF had persisted for two weeks because of a bad ATABS computer giving us erroneous data, which had only made our corrections exacerbate the problem.
Initially, ATABS was unable to detect any problems.