ATACHAtrial Tachycardia
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Antihypertensive Treatment of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage (ATACH): rationale and design.
In the Russian system, joint capabilites are usually atached to the army groups.
(d) CC = CC trap; KP = kickplate atached; CC and Multi-Lure traps were charged with either EG (ethylene glycol) (15 ml of a 50% solution) or DC (dichlorvos kill strip).
This module is atached to the optical system, which includes a miniature violet laser diode that excites dye-labeled proteins, inducing fluorescence.
The golfer, who used to be atached to The Forest, said: 'It is all change at the moment but you have spells in your life when you think you have to try and improve and I think I am going through that at the moment.
Como parte del regreso a la democracia en Haiti, fueron disueltos el ejercito, la policia, y los grupos paramilitares de apoyo (llamados "ataches") del regimen de Cedras.
2) health faucet toilet jet spray with flexible shower tube of minimum 1 meter length and stand for fixing the jet spray to the wall, made up of superior quality plastic (abs) with chrome finishing suitable for 15mm dia as per atached technical specification.
Pre Qualification: As per atached tender document As per atached tender document Eligibility Criteria : As per atached tender document EMD value : INR 585000 Document Purchase Start date : 19 May 2018 Document Purchase End date : 18 Jun 2018 Pre-bid meeting date : 18 Jun 2018 Opening date : 20 Jun 2018
Tenders are invited for "annual repairs to op block ghij atached to medical college, kozhikode for 2017-18 - clearing blocks in manholes - repairs to sanitary and water supply arrangements etc."
Tenders are invited for "annual repairs to additional block to psychiatry ward atached to medical college, kozhikode for 2017-18 - removing block in sewage lines and repairs to water supply and sanitary arrangements etc."