ATACMArmy Tactical Missile System
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In mid-1990s, off-the-shelf track came to fruition with the acquisition from the US of 72 ATACM tactical missiles, as a precondition of which Turkey has acceded to the MTCR.
(73) Even the US has spent 560 copies of ATACMS short-range ballistic missiles in combat since 1990s, a figure that makes US the leading user of ballistic missiles in combat.
Army awards Lockheed Martin with $78 million Contract for ATACMS modernization", 7 January 2015, http:// -Awards-LM-78-million.
Lockheed Martin has bagged a $161 million US Army deal for Army Tactical Missile System(ATACMS) missiles.
The deal requires to produce 150 ATACMS missiles under the ATACMS Service Life Extension Programme, as a part of which the missile is being refurbished.
Disassembling and demilitarising ATACMS Block 1 and 1A warheads, the modernisation process, replaces them with new unitary warheads.
The ATACMS can reach any target within four minutes, and short-range, air-to-ground munitions take roughly 30 seconds to reach target.
As a practical matter, it helps to start within a few hundred kilometers of the action so as to operate with cheap UAVs, airdropped sensors, upper atmosphere communications relays, over-the-horizon radar, precision rockets (e.g., ATACMS, upper-tier theater missile defenses), and rapid insertion forces (e.g., helicopters, V-22s).
Among the more controversial sales to a Gulf state, in August 2000 Bahrain requested to purchase 30 Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMs), a system of short-range ballistic missiles fired from a multiple rocket launcher.
Turkey, Greece, and South Korea are the only countries to have bought ATACMs from the United States.
The United States has told Qatar it is eligible to buy the ATACM system (see above) because the Administration has approved Bahrain for purchases of that system, but Qatar has not requested to purchase the ATACM to date.
promotion of missile proliferation in the region, an August 2000 sale of 30 Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMs, a system of short-range ballistic missiles fired from a multiple rocket launcher) included an agreement for joint U.S.-Bahraini control of the weapon.