ATADSAdvanced Tactical Directed Energy System (US DoD)
ATADSArmy Tactical Air Defense System
ATADSFAA Air Traffic Activity Database System
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Plant operation staff then posed the question whether or not the District should build the 4th planned 1st Generation ATAD reactor and invest in a large capital odor control project, or to take the dollars which would need to be spent to control odor and put them towards increasing solids handling capacity.
The District's engineer explored different treatment alternatives and once again, given the limited amount of space for expansion at the WWTP, the 2nd Generation ATAD made the most sense.
In 2009, the District began operation of its 2nd Generation ATAD system.
Pump fouling and fouling of ATAD jet aeration header.
The cast-iron casings in the ATAD (highest wear pumps) began failing after about five years.
Plant operation staff came to understand that it was mainly due to how easily the digested solids produced by the new ATAD process could now be dewatered.
While this was much better than the daily odor events of the 1st Generation ATAD system, the District wanted to do better.
Because of the District's long history with ATAD odor problems (since 1998), it was highly anticipated that the odor issue would be resolved upon completion of the 2nd Generation ATAD system.
Odors that had been thought to be ATAD related were found to be unrelated to the 2nd Generation ATAD process.