ATAEAutomotive Trade Association Executives (est. 1915)
ATAEAviation Academy Training Aircraft Engineers for the Aviation Industry (est. 1998; Australia)
ATAEAviation Training for Aviation Engineers
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Picuno, "Historical cartography and GIS tools for the analysis of land use and landscape changes," in Proceedings of the 43rd Symposium on Actual Tasks on Agricultural Engineering (ATAE '15), vol.
The ATAE who nominates the 2016 TIME Dealer of the Year winner will also receive a USD5,000 donation to the charity of their choice.
In 2014, Atae Rezaei and Aghdam Mostafa proposed knowledge discovery technique to analyze tourists' profiles where both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.
Huawei said its customisable ATAE Cluster solution allows operators to deploy programmable "blade boards" Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for Huawei's integrated OSS software solutions.
provides speedy services, it also offers greater reliability with the ATAE
* General engineering, such as construction, military bridging, and the strengthening of the Iraqi partnership through ATAE.
(27) Augustine concluded that, although in the early centuries the good of marriage was to have and raise children for the survival and increase of the human race, thereby permitting multiple marriages among the patriarchs and divorce among the people, in his day, with the survival and increase now accomplished, the purpose was the necessary condition for human friendship, the human community--societas amicalis--a good in itself which would permit the earthly and heavenly cities to intersect (Hunter, "Marriage," ATAE 536; and Hunter, "Bono Conjugale, De," ATAE 110, citing Augustine, De bono conjugale (hereafter De bono conj.) 13.55, 18.21, 19.22).
His peers recognized the leadership skills he demonstrated at ACPA, and he quickly rose to the top of the ATAE volunteer ladder.
In addition, the three finalists, as well as the state Automotive Trade Association Executive (ATAE) who nominated the 2016 winner, will each receive a $5,000 grant for the nonprofit organizations of their choice.
The five winning candidates from Herat were: Nisar Ahmad Faizi Ghoryani, Zarin Zarin, Nasir Atae, Wahid Tahiri, and Maroof Fazli.
1920: Emmet Hay Naylor, secretary-treasurer of the Writing Paper Manufacturers Association, becomes the first president of the American Trade Association Executives (ATAE).