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Nevertheless, Almodovar's narratives are still set in Madrid--even at specific street addresses in some cases--and his camera continues to linger on familiar landmarks and neighbourhoods: an emotional conversation between Leo and Angel takes place against the recognizable backdrop of the Plaza Mayor in La flor de mi secreto-, Ramon picks up his father at the Atocha train station in Kika; Ricky goes to the Chueca neighbourhood to buy drugs for Marina in Atame (Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down) (1990).
Almodovar fans may take note of Atame. In the capable hands of Ghislaine Chapon, this place is more than just a tapas bar and bodega.
15: Parkin is playedthrough but pokes atame ball at AndyMarshall.
Smith ignores facile explanations for the increasing scarcity of explicit homosexual relationships in Almodovar's film universe (i.e., that by using straight couples in Atame or Tacones lejanos the director broadens the films' commercial appeal, and that in any case, homosexual viewers have no more trouble identifying themselves with Victoria Abril than with Antonio Banderas) and postulates reasons that are more complex, more entertaining, and doubtlessly more in touch with Almodovar's own sensibility.
Atame! in terms of masochism (as revised by Gilles Deleuze and by critics like Gaylyn Studlar and Carol Clover), Smith sees the much-attacked-as-sexist film taking place "under the sign of the archaic mother," a sign also potently evident in the mythic ironies of Matador and Tacones lejanos, though more plainly in the sadist--or "Sadian"--mode of aggression which according to Smith is not in play in the masochist's scenarios between Marina (Victoria Abril) and Ricki (Antonio Banderas).
En los casos de ?Que he hecho yo para merecer esto?, La flor de mi secreto, Hable con ella, La piel que habito, Atame! y La mala educacion se utilizan composiciones basadas en ejes verticales para las cuatro primeras, un estructura triangular en la segunda y un circulo centrado en la ultima de ellas.