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ATANArc Tangent (Inverse Tangent)
ATANAsociación Tinerfeña de Amigos de La Naturaleza (Tenerife ecological association)
ATANAviation Electronics Technician Airman (US Navy rating)
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Luan, Aziz, Yunus, Sidek, Bakar, Meseran & Atan (2005), in their study found out that females were better at word processing and presentations and emailing than males.
It is also keen to continue supporting Yemen's economy and development and has already put aside funds in development aid to Yemen," added Atan.
The Tyneside-based athlete, bidding to make his mark before this year's World Championships in Osaka, not only won the competition but earned a morale-boosting win over Nikolay Atan (Bulgaria), who came second with 8:10m, and the reigning Commonwealth champion Ignisious Gaisah (Ghana).
Other famous Slovakian sports stars include tennis players Martina Hingis, Daniela Hantuchova and Dominik Hrbaty, and ice hockey star Miroslav S atan
The savings didn't surprise ATAN Robert Rubano, who was shopping at NEX Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va.
His clampdown led to the arrest of some of Chiluba's most senior officials, including Chungu and Atan Shansonga, the former ambassador to the US.
Kendisi de Nun Masallari isimli oyku kitabiyla yazarliga adim atan N.
Atan con cadenas contenedores con drogas bajo la linea de flotacion de cruceros de recreo y los recuperan cuando los barcos llegan a puertos norteamericanos.
Dr Ghazali Atan, managing director and CEO of Metrowangsa Asset Management Sdn Bhd, said that Malaysia's big challenge is to identify its next export growth area, since the country's small population limits its domestic market.
The current approach to treatment is prescribing drugs to prevent inflammation of cartilage atan early stage- the first sign of swelling of knuckle joints in the hands, for example.
2 -- color in Simi and Conejo edition) Atan Rohm, 7, left, and Elan Adivi, 7, keep a safe distance while admiring the work of Torah scribe Aaron Shaffier during a ``Scribes and Scrolls'' presentation at Chabad of the Conejo.
Alternatively, Caltech's Sieh suggests, Wrightwood may be atan overlap of two fault segments, and can rupture along either one.