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ATAPAssociation of Assistive Technology Act Programs (Delmar, NY)
ATAPAlaska Temporary Assistance Program (public assistance)
ATAPAnti-Terrorism Assistance Program
ATAPAcquisition Tuition Assistance Program (US Army)
ATAPAerothermal Target Analysis Program
ATAPAdvanced Tactical Aircraft Protection
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ATAP is a business development program that is based on Quality Assurance principles and certifies tourism businesses that meet specific quality assurance criteria.
ATAP has been able to collect radar data at 10,000 frames per second between distances of 5 mm and 100 cm, which allows for incredibly precise and responsive interactions.
The assumption is that if it's digital it's permanent, which is not the case, because technologies change all the time," points out ATAP steering committee member Ken Cerniglia, the dramaturg and literary manager at Disney Theatrical Group.
Genzyme says it will now work closely with treatment centers and prescribers to ensure that patients in the ATAP program can continue to access therapy during the transition to commercial supply.
La fase dominante en las muestras blancos ATAP es Xonotlita (silicato de calcio, esperado al calentar las muestras patrones por encima de la temperatura de retrogresion del cemento) y con una relacion Si[O.
Teacher 2000 is an interactive, multimedia program created on the Macintosh to provide a means for students to view the lecture experience as well as textbook, exercises, self-test, projects and cases ATAP.
net/2016/04/28/google-hardware-division-rick-osterloh/) Re/code , Google has been planning a shakeup of its hardware division for some time, and the departure of Regina Dugan - who lead the ATAP team - for Facebook earlier this month may have hastened that move.
During the ATAP tech session at I/O 2014, Ara chief Paul Eremenko also gave us lots of technical details about how to actually build a modular phone aACAo no mean feat, as you can probably imagine, Extremetech reported.
like Harry Enfield only been doing this ATAP on the shoulder as he walked through the hospitality lounges of Anfield made Darren Farley wonder if, for once, one of his famous football impressions had been ruled offside.
Researchers from UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School suggested that the amphipathic tail-anchoring peptide, or ATAP, might provide more successful outcomes in cancer treatment than the BH3 peptide-based therapy currently used.
CBA, PALPA, SAEP, PIASSA and ATAP jointly agreed to knock the door of respectable judiciary if PIA management fails to withdraw from this illogical business strategy.