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ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Peripheral Interface
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SATA tape drives also eliminate transfer rate bottlenecks experienced with ATAPI. The ATAPI specification was not designed to handle the fast transfer rates (up to 62.5MB/second) of the latest AIT generations.
The ATAPI protocol is necessary for compatibility with existing host drivers, just as it was necessary when the first SCSI CD-ROM drives made the transition to the low-cost parallel ATA bus.
Sony DRU-810A DVD/CD Rewritable Drive -- ATAPI (EIDE) internal interface
The internal drive comes with an ATAPI interface for easy installation inside a PC, while the external DRX-510UL drive features both an i.
TEAC has introduced their new DV-516E, a 16X IDE ATAPI DVD-ROM drive.
Image files can be stored to a separate drive partition, on a Jaz or Zip disk; secondary hard drive; other removable media device; or directly to an IDE, SCSI, or ATAPI CD-R or CD-RW drive.
The CD TurboWriter RW Internal features an ATAPI connection.
The industry's first 3Gb/s SATA host controller supporting PCI-Express, the SiI 3132 offers full advanced SATA functionality normally limited to server-class systems, including 3 Gb/s SATA data transfer rates, Native Command Queuing, support for port multipliers with Frame Information Structure (FIS)-based switching and support for ATAPI commands, making it compatible with optical drives such as CD-ROMs and DVD+/-RWs.
Similar to the relationship between ATA and ATAPI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a way of transferring SCSI commands across a SATA bus.
The new drive is also available in an ATAPI interface with either a slot-load or tray load option.
The internal DRU-710A drive comes with an ATAPI interface for easy installation inside a PC and includes a black replacement bezel for those with black-colored PC cases.