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ATARAAlliance Transformation and Realignment Agreement (US-Japan agreement)
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Yet, agent [S.sub.75] is a double-agent, and he leaks highly confidential information about country Atara to the enemy country Batara, while simultaneously providing misleading information to the country Atara about the enemy country Batara.
The homes are to be used in the West Bank colonies of Ofra, Atara and Shyut Rachel, according to the Israeli daily the Haaretz.
Catch some cartooning inspiration below from Atara, 12, Pennsylvania, who creates cartoons such as the one at right.
Even before the founding of the state, cafes were a big draw: Members of the underground Haganah forces would meet in Jerusalem's Cafe Atara, as would writers such as Shai Agnon.
The rest of the day featured several presentations by researchers not affiliated with the CE program who have used the microdata for a variety of purposes (Mehmet Zahid Samancioglu, Stuart Craig, Atara Stephanie Oliver, and David Molina), followed by a continuation of practical training.
Philippines International School: Mary Ruth Atara, Arvin Fredic Parungao, Shereen Kyle Manojo; 5.
Atara nurses a rebellious spirit for years: she departs the community early in the book but remains in the collective memory as one "erased" from its society.
SOUTHK OREA may havec ome througha weak qualifyingg roup thatc ontainedO man, Q atara nd Saudi Arabia, but theys hould not beu nderestimated .
Atara Hiller, who has been a part of the TS practicum for the past two years, believes families already are receiving excellent treatment, and her experience from the very beginning has been nothing but positive.
* The law firm of Milbank Tweed incorrectly stated in a press release that new partner Atara Miller was the only Orthodox Jewish woman partner at a Wall Street law firm.
Cafe Peter, Cafe Vienna, Cafe Atara, and Cafe Rehavia of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s have all disappeared now, but a walking tour named "Appelfeld's Cafes" was held at the 2010 International Festival of Jerusalem in which the guide read aloud passages of the book at each site.