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ATARESAir to Air Refueling and Other Exchange of Services (multinational air services agreement)
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Thus for instance Oggun: una presencia eterna (1992), which tells the story of this Orisha and its bearing on the Yoruba singer Lazaro Ros, Los marqueses de Atares (2002) and El alacran (1999) which are on the tradition of the comparsas in Cuba still active today, or Raices de mi corazon (2000), on the history of the 1912 massacre in Cuba as seen by somebody whose ancestors perished there.
Among those contractors who did participate, Tracor Flight Systems launched its 7.8- to 15.2- GHz Advanced Tactical Airborne Radar Emitter System (ATARES) pod onto the European market.
Moreover, when it is used as pretreatment during the drying process, OD increases the quality of dehydrated fruits and vegetables (ATARES et al., 2011; MERCALI et al., 2011; ALMEIDA et al., 2014), because it minimizes the injury generated by further processes, which are often required to ensure the stability of the final product, once the OD promotes only a partial water removal (RASTOGI et al., 2002; ZHAO et al.
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