ATARSAdvanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
ATARSAdvanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATARSAircrew Training And Rehearsal Support
ATARSAircrew Training and Rehearsal System
ATARSAutomated Traffic Advisory and Resolution Service (aviation collision avoidance system)
ATARSAdvanced Technology Assessment Reports
ATARSAir Traffic Activity Reporting System
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ATARS II represents the next-generation training system for special operations crews at several locations: Kirtland Air Force Base, NM; Hurlburt Field, FL; Harrisburg Air National Guard Base, PA and Fort Rucker, AL.
Through the ATARS program, thousands of aircrew members are trained each year and offers additional training for flight, naval and ground systems applications.
Marine Corps F/A-18D aircraft by McDonnell Douglas and ATARS supplier Loral Fairchild Systems.
The 23-foot long pod, with a volume of 75 cubic feet, is capable of carrying the complete ATARS sensor suite.
The ATARS sensor system and aircraft avionics were integrated to provide the pilot with a video display of the images being recorded and the capability to play back previously recorded imagery.