ATARSAdvanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
ATARSAdvanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATARSAircrew Training And Rehearsal Support
ATARSAircrew Training and Rehearsal System
ATARSAutomated Traffic Advisory and Resolution Service (aviation collision avoidance system)
ATARSAdvanced Technology Assessment Reports
ATARSAir Traffic Activity Reporting System
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Only a limited number of ATARS are being procured for the Marines.
The SHARP differs from the ATARS in that it is a podded system mounted on a BRU-32 mount.
The ATARS was finishing its design and development, preparing to enter validation, verification and operational testing, when NATO began its air campaign over Yugoslavia.
The ATARS then proved itself in combat with 38 missions and over 100 hours flown in support of Operation Noble Anvil, according to reports.
The next deliveries of the ATARS -- this time to Marine Aircraft Group 11 (MAG-11) at MCAS Miramar, CA -- are slated for FY00, and all six of the USMC's F/A-18D squadrons will be capable of providing tac-recce support by FY02.
The USAF had planned to equip these aircraft with the ATARS but has since backed away (as did the US Navy), leaving the Strike Eagles and Fighting Falcons with the LANTIRN systems (although the Block-60 variant of the F-16 possesses an internal LANTIRN system, along with the AN/APG-78 radar), which were employed in the Balkan conflict and are seeing continued use in USAF operations over Iraq (see "Iraqi Anti-SEAD Techniques Prove Ineffective," JED, February 1999, p.
The cancellation of the program leaves open the question of how the ATARS capability will be replaced.