ATARSAdvanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
ATARSAdvanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATARSAircrew Training And Rehearsal Support
ATARSAircrew Training and Rehearsal System
ATARSAutomated Traffic Advisory and Resolution Service (aviation collision avoidance system)
ATARSAdvanced Technology Assessment Reports
ATARSAir Traffic Activity Reporting System
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Thus, many students choose subjects other than VCE Biology as a strategy to maximise their ATAR (Rayner, 2014).
We also sought to assess the possible role of factors such as ATAR and/or prior learning of biology in shaping undergraduates' grade aspiration, confidence in achieving that grade, and their actual grade achievement.
Plans for the ATARS II contract also could be complicated by the Air Force's announcement in February that it plans to begin replacing the current fleet of HH-60G combat search-and-rescue helicopters with 141 new versions, called CSAR-X.
Regarding further production, although broad foreign markets have been suggested for ATARS, its specialized internal configuration essentially limits it to F/A-18s.
The F-14 Tomcat's TARPS (Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System) pod has been in service since 1981, and while other programs like ATARS and SHARP languished with funding cuts and delays, TARPS was the source of some of the first and best digital recce-technology advances in the world.
Under development since 1994, the ATARS is the Marines' all-weather tactical reconnaissance system consisting of one low-altitude and one medium-altitude electro-optical sensor, an infrared linescanner, and two tape transport recorder units.
Only a limited number of ATARS are being procured for the Marines.
The ATARS uses EO sensors that work primarily in the visible spectrum and an IR linescanner (IRLS), developed by Lockheed Martin IR Imaging Systems, as was the IRLS used in the TARPS.
The Air Force has agreed to deliver some of the existing ATARS equipment to the Navy, which also would have benefitted from the system.
Australian residents who achieve an Atar of 99 or above may apply for UNSW high achiever scholarships, while Scientia scholarships recognise students who have received an Atar of 99.90 or above, regardless of their residency.