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ATASAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
ATASAcademic Technology Approval Scheme (UK)
ATASAboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme
ATASAero-Tropics Air Services (Australia)
ATASAir-to-Air Stinger
ATASAdvanced Tank Armament System
ATASActive Towed Array Sonar
ATASAustralian Tsunami Alert System
ATASAssociation of Turkish American Scientists
ATASAdvance Technology Alert System
ATASAudit Trail Analysis System
ATASAdvanced Towed-Array Sonar
ATASAdvanced Tactical Airborne System
ATASAcoustic Training and Simulation
ATASAdvanced Trainer Avionics Suite
ATASAdvanced Target Acquisition Sensor/System
ATASAnalog Test Access System
ATASAdvanced TOW Acquisition Systems
ATASAirborne Target Acquisition System
ATASAutomatic Terrain Avoidance System
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One of the first black players to draw national attention to the ATA was Ora Washington, who dominated the women's division with eight titles in the 1930s.
With an aggressive serve-and-volley game honed on the cement courts of Los Angeles, McDaniels's reputation and ATA dominance earned him a landmark 1940 crossover match at the Cosmopolitan Club in Harlem with 1938 Grand Slam winner Don Budge.
That barrier had initially been challenged in 1929 when two ATA standouts, Reginald Weir and Gerald Norman Jr., were denied entry to a United States Lawn Tennis Association (now the USTA) tournament.
We also want to commend the ATA for its leadership and foresight in establishing the SRO.
The ATA plans to conduct more auditor certification classes throughout 2009.
Also the ATA SRO will unveil the newest enhancements to their program in Washington D.C.
The electricals within a Serial ATA storage enclosure are generally divided into two areas: those associated with the system's data signal and those associated with the enclosure's power.
The internal power of a Serial ATA storage enclosure is typically provided by one or more power supplies.
Parallel ATA's ATA/ATAPI-4 standard improved signal integrity by introducing the 80-conductor cable with 40 conductive elements serving as grounds to reduce cross talk between adjacent signal lines.
SATA addresses the limitations of Parallel ATA by more than doubling cable length to 1 meter and using data cables comprised of only seven conductors--a pair of differential signal lines for transmitting and another pair for receiving, and a ground between and at each end of the transmission and reception pairs.