ATASPAqaba Technical Assistance Support Project
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In Kebbi-Sokoto Zone, the ATASP is executing several rice, sorghum and rural infrastructure (schools in Tukurwa community, Dandi LGA, clinics in Sabon Tunga, Suru LGA, water projects, markets for rice and sorghum) across many communities to strengthen smallholder farmers in the two states.
Description : The approach: considering the innovative nature of the ATA, and the limited experience of the Bank and the Government in agricultural commodity value chains development, ATASP would be implemented along a pragmatic and flexible approach with the following two distinct phases: An Initial Phase of three years to put in place the delivery and institutional mechanisms through a learning by doing and piloting approach.
The ATASP Phase 1 (2014--2019) would entail a multi-sectoral operation that would lead to the development of agricultural value chains for selected crops.