ATATAny Time All the Time (racing clubs)
ATATAs the Apple Turns (Macintosh-related web site)
ATATAll Terrain Armored Transport (Star Wars)
ATATAlloy Theoretic Automated Toolkit
ATATArts and Technology at tech (MIT student art group)
ATATApprenticeship and Training Association of Texas
ATATArbeitsgemeinschaft für Total Abgehobene Technologie (Austria)
ATATAlternative Technologies and Approaches Team
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Bombardier Tim Dibben, a gun team mentor with ATAT said that in their time they had noticed a big difference in the relationship between the Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers.
To reduce the chance of a tax audit, ensure gross income, discharge of indebtedness, ATAT transactions, flow-through transactions and AMT-related items comply with the IRC.
Microsomal ATAT activity was measured using microsomes (250 [micro]g of protein), 150 lam palmitoyl CoA (Sigma), 150 [micro]m [[sup.
Experiments were performed to determine whether TBT directly inhibited microsomal ATAT activity, the enzymatic activity responsible for the conversion of testosterone to testosterone-fatty acid ester.
Experiments were conducted to determine whether TBT might increase free testosterone levels by suppressing the level of expression of the ATAT enzyme.