ATAVArmy Total Asset Visibility
ATAVAssociation Tunisienne d'Action Volontaire (French)
ATAVAntenna Train Angle Vertical (fighter aircraft targeting)
ATAVAmerican Trans Air Virtual
ATAVAfloat Total Asset Visibility
ATAVAttitudes Toward AIDS Victims (psychological research study)
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Atav, "Secondary school students' environmental risk perception," HUEF, vol.
ATAV: Hoe galbitter, soos gif, is die gedagtes aan my lyding as vlugteling.
Como consecuencia, cuando estos acuden a un centro medico sus problemas de salud se encuentran en una etapa avanzada, y el tratamiento se vuelve mas complicado (Ward y Atav, 2004).
Esto les expone a los pesticidas y eleva su riesgo de contraer cancer (Ward y Atav, 2004).
One ATAV member, William Parker, was a vehicle mechanic stationed at Qui Nhon in 1972 where he repaired the original "Untouchable" gun tuck.
The largest town in the NY county was coded as ten, an isolated small rural area, on the Rural-Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) scale which ranges from one to ten (Atav & Darling, 2012).
Finally, therapeutic recreation strategies in tertiary prevention should include specific programs that aim to increase mental, social, and physical stimulation (Buettner, Fitzsimmons & Atav, 2006).
- Regional and local chapters of the Tunisian Association of Voluntary Work (ATAV),
The concept of alerting behaviors has been used in previous research on the passivity of individuals with dementia (Buettner, Fitzsimmons, & Atav, 2006) and is defined as "the reduction of apathy, decreased activity, and loss of interest that is changed to a state of alert engagement" (2006, p.
Spencer GA, Atav S, Johnston Y, 369 students (in 40 schools; ages Harrigan JF.