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ATBCAustralia Thailand Business Council (est. 1980)
AtBCAboriginal Tourism of British Columbia
ATBCApostolic Theological Bible College (est. 1978; Kaufman, TX)
ATBCArchitectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
ATBCAssociation for Tropical Biology and Conservation (Washington, DC)
ATBCAlpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene (cancer prevention study)
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The ATBC trial in Finland had smokers exposed to either a 20 mg beta carotene supplement, a 50 mg supplement of vitamin E, the combination of both, or a placebo and were followed for a mean of 6.
a] are 23 and 26[degrees]C for PLA-5 + 10%wt TA and PLA-8 + 10%wt ATBC, respectively).
These reports formed the basis for the ATBC prevention study, which enrolled > 29 000 Finnish male smokers 50-60 years of age, from 1985 to 1993.
The ATBC shareholder meeting was held on October 28, 2010, where the shareholders voted to approve the merger.
Other studies suggest that vitamin E might protect the prostate, but the ATBC, says Albanes, "is the linchpin for testing it in the upcoming SELECT trial.
JAXB and ATBC expect to close the transactions in the fourth quarter of 2010 simultaneously.
An example of the DSC thermograms corresponding to plastisol prepared with DOP, DEP, ATBC, and DINA are shown in Fig.
The nucleating ability of talc and the efficiency of one citrate derivatives, ATBC, to speed PDLLA crystallization were investigated in comparison with PEG.
Nasdaq: ATBC) ("ATBC"), the bank holding company for Oceanside Bank, today announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement providing for the merger of ATBC into JAXB.
is a publicly traded holding company, trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market, symbol ATBC.
a publicly traded bank holding company, trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market, symbol ATBC, and the parent company of Oceanside Bank, with four locations in the Jacksonville Beaches and East Jacksonville, Florida, announced today its first quarter 2009 results.