ATBDAlgorithm Theoretical Basis Document
ATBDAir Transport Business Development, Inc.
ATBDAutomatic Torque-Biasing Differential (Mini Cooper)
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ATBD has advised Skybus on its Airbus A319 acquisitions since December 2005.
ATBD said it has advised Skybus on acquisition and support contracts from Airbus, General Electric, CFM, Thales, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Goodyear, Bucher and Recaro.
[22] Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Cross Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) Sensor Data Records (SDR) Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD), SDRs_C.pdf.
The DPR algorithms being developed provide instantaneous surface rainfall and vertical hydrometeor profiles at the pixel (~5 km horizontal, 125 m vertical) level as well as gridded space-time accumulations (GPM ATBD 2013; also see Table 5).
The combined DPR+GMI algorithms will provide pixel-level surface precipitation together with its vertical structure as well as accumulations over selected space-time domains (GPM ATBD 2013; also see Table 5).
GPM radiometer algorithms will provide surface precipitation and some vertical structure at the pixel level as well as selected space-time accumulations (GPM ATBD 2013; also see Table 5).
GPM multisatellite algorithm, I-MERG, will incorporate the salient components of PERSIANN, CMORPH, and TMPA to produce a hierarchy of merged global precipitation products ranging from MW-only to MW-plus-IR data products (GPM ATBD 2013).
Product algorithm details for all of the derived products are described in algorithm theoretical basis documents (ATBDs) that can be obtained from the official GOES-R website (
A number of future capability Level 2 products enabled by the additional spectral channels of ABI have also been developed and the algorithms documented in ATBDs. These products include but are not limited to aircraft icing threat, cloud liquid water, cloud type, convective initiation, ice cover, low cloud and fog, total ozone, SO, detection (associated with volcanic eruptions), surface emissivity, tropopause folding turbulence prediction, vegetation index, and visibility.
The GOESR Program website (www contains information on the launch schedule, along with information on the spacecraft, instruments, select imagery, user guides, products (including ATBDs for both baseline and future capabilities), and data access.