ATBMAntitactical Ballistic Missile (US DoD)
ATBMAir Tanker Base Manager
ATBMAlat Tenun Bukan Mesin (Indonesian: Manual Loom)
ATBMAverage Time Between Maintenance
ATBMAcellular Tubular Basement Membrane (pathology)
ATBMAdvanced Tactical Ballistic Missile
ATBMAdvanced Tactical Battle Management (circa 1985 predecessor to Tactical Battle Management, TBM)
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ATBM examinations involve taking patient photographs from four sides.
"We started our ATBM programme in 1999 and in terms of capabilities, we are way ahead of them," he added.
La cuestion de la velocidad de ingreso del vector, asi como el alcance de los misiles enemigos destinados a ser interceptados es crucial para la eficacia antimisil de los ATBM. En efecto, a mayor alcance de los vectores balisticos enemigos, mayor la velocidad de ingreso de estos a la atmosfera del objetivo militar.
Alain Jakubowicz, a lawyer for the victims' families, agreed deaths could have been avoided if French tunnel operator ATBM had not tampered with light meters in the tunnel that trigger the traffic lights.He said: "They were modified so as to be less sensitive, to stop them triggering an alarm every time there is a bit of smoke, like exhaust fumes.
It has been learned that India and Russia are going to conclude a billion dollar advanced air defence system with ATBM (Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile) capabilities to counter Islamabad's missile programme.
A less than one hundred percent level of effectiveness could be tolerable if Israel had an operational anti-tactical ballistic missile (ATBM) capability, but such a capability is presently unavailable and is forseeably doubtful.(35)
John Lewis Betws, Bridgend Thatcher brought worse management DURING the Thatcher years, privatisation, the closure of training boards and skill centres and legislation curbing the powers of trades unions ushered in a more autocratic target based management (ATBM) style.
Some improvements were subsequently introduced and it was claimed that the upgraded S-300PMU (SA-10C) is superior to Patriot in the ATBM context.
Israel possesses the military capability to strike long-range targets deep into enemy territory and has been preparing itself to defend against incoming ballistic missiles with its joint U.S.-Israel Arrow (Chets) anti-tactical ballistic missile (ATBM) program.
Schrift, "EL/M 2080 ATBM Early-warning and Fire-control Radar System," 1996 IEEE International Symposium on Phased-array Systems and Technology, Boston, MA, October 15-18, 1996, pp.