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Nous sommes cependant assistes dans nos efforts par certaines associations nationales ou etablies a l'etranger qui apportent leur contribution, et surtout par des sportifs, a citer Mustafa Lakhsem, Nezha Bidouane, Abdelouahd Chammami, Meriem Borja et d'autres, par des artistes peintres dont Khadija El Hattach, aussi presidente de ATCAS, Abdelilah Zokhrouf, Hammouda Zaoui et d'autres, par des bienfaiteurs dont Anissa Cherkaoui notre presidente d'honneur, Lahsen Boulahcen, Ilham Laraki et d'autres.
ATCAS involves three separate subsystems that work to 1) identify(AVI), 2) classify(AVC), and if indicated, 3) detect violations(VDS).
The transition plan calls for ATCAS to run first as a backup to the existing system, then handle live traffic during off-peak hours with the current system as backup, and gradually building up to full- time use.
Loral is under contract to provide system maintenance and support services for ATCAS during the next 14 months under a $17.
ATCAS features fully integrated radar and flight data processing, system monitoring and control, air traffic management functions, weather data, and digital communication for area, terminal and tower air traffic control.
This is important because the Taipei Flight Information Region, which is supported by the four ATCAS centers, is one of the fastest growing air traffic areas in the world.