ATCGAdenosine Thymine Cytosine Guanine (nucleotides making up DNA)
ATCGAll Tigers Can Growl (mnemonic for DNA base pairs)
ATCGArmy Training and Doctrine Command
ATCGAutomated Test Case Generation
ATCGAnti-T Cell Globulin (hematology)
ATCGAll Time Classic Games, Inc. (website)
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(OTCQB: AMRH) has acquired US-based system integration firm ATCG Solutions to reinforce its position as a global systems integrator and SAP service provider, the company said.
The company said the acquisition of ATCG will strengthen Ameri100's SAP cloud service capabilities and presence in the US market.
ATCG Solutions provides information technology development, consultancy and managed services with an emphasis on the design, build and rollout of SAP solutions and related products.
Satan is power-hungry and obsessed by the four DNA chemical bases (adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, or ATCG), which prompts a riveting scene in which Fields's Satan, hair waxed, undershirt drenched with sweat, seemingly connected intravenously to his computer, lurches toward the audience chanting and spitting "ATCG...ATCG!" His body shakes as though he were being electrocuted, and the trauma thrusts him into Satan's great speech of resignation: "Here we may reign secure, and in my choice/To reign is worth ambition, though in hell:/Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven."
Back in the Carlo Theatre for the final fragment, The Clone of God, Satan (Fields) and Beelzebub (now played by Dell'Arte co-artistic director Joan Schirle) scrawl "ATCG" on chalkboards and verbally volley these letters at one another.
The order of these bases (ATCG) on the gene code production of the various proteins that the organism needs to function.
The four DNA bases--adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine (ATCG)--combine into 64 three-letter genetic "words" called "codons" that specify a set of 20 amino acids and three "stop" signals.
ATCG's sponsors are the North American Retail Dealers Association and its National Association of Service Dealers, and the National Electronics Service Dealers Association and its appliance division, the National Independent Appliance Servicers.
ATCG's license to run the program was regarded as the most favorable outcome for the industry.
The toxin-exposed group had a large number of a particular, rare type of mistake (a mutational signature) in the ATCG chemical code of their DNA.