ATCGAdenosine Thymine Cytosine Guanine (nucleotides making up DNA)
ATCGAll Tigers Can Growl (mnemonic for DNA base pairs)
ATCGArmy Training and Doctrine Command
ATCGAutomated Test Case Generation
ATCGAnti-T Cell Globulin (hematology)
ATCGAll Time Classic Games, Inc. (website)
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The company said the acquisition of ATCG will strengthen Ameri100's SAP cloud service capabilities and presence in the US market.
ATCG Solutions provides information technology development, consultancy and managed services with an emphasis on the design, build and rollout of SAP solutions and related products.
AHAM chose to entrust NASTeC to ATCG because of that organization's close ties to, and understanding of, the major-appliance service industry," said Bob Holding, president of the manufacturers' association.