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Now Atcha has become the youngest person named in the Queen's New Year Honours list, receiving an MBE for services to young people in the Manchester region, where he has lived all
Atcha scored an invite to the huge gathering after setting up a magazine in Bolton after the 2011 riots.
Uzma Atcha's comment below the post read: "Don't flood your page with divisive and sexist comments unless you want a corporate witch hunt on your hands, and believe you me, a storm is brewing."Anditdid.EmmaTaylor Gallagher wrote: "Your opening sentence for this post being 'women drivers at it again'isoneofthemostembarrassing statements on a PR piece I have ever came across.
Some popular text-speak techniques include acronyms (Laugh Out Loud, LOL), shortcuts (late, L8), phonetic respelling (night, nite), nonconventional spelling (at you, atcha) and removal of vowel or consonants (subsetting) (text, txt) (Choudhury, et al., 2007; Ganushchak, Krott, & Meyer, 2010; Head, Helton, Neumann, Russell, & Shears, 2011; Plester, et al., 2011; Thurlow, 2003).
Last night's final was every bit as entertaining as The Voice was shambolic, with Cleo(patra coming atcha) murdering John Lennon a second time and Jessie J lying that "it's all about the voice".
[19.] James B, Godonou I, Atcha C, Baimey H, Adango E, Boulga J and E Goudegnon Healthy vegetables through participatory IPM in peri-urban areas of Benin.
"It ain't whatcha write, it's the way atcha write it."
DJ DAVE Vs YEARS U POLUnFAFaNP NAME: David Lee Travis AGE: 67BORN: Buxton, Derbyshire NICKNAME: The Hairy Cornflake PROFESSION: Radio presenter UNDER HOUSE ARREST: 0 POLITICAL PERSUASION: Unknown FAMOUS QUOTE: "Comin' atcha through the cornflakes!" NOTABLE AWARDS: National Pipe Smoker Of The Year 1982 NAUNTY SUU NAME: Aung San Suu Kyi AGE: 66 BORN: Rangoon (now named Yangon), BurmaNICKNAME: Daw Suu (Aunty Suu in Burmese)PROFESSION: Politician YEARS UNDER HOUSE ARREST: 15 ST POLITICAL PERSUASION: Pro-democracy FAMOUS QUOTE: "Freedom From Fear" NOTABLE AWARDS: Nobel Peace Prize 1991
Rais Atcha, 20, of Burwell Close, Bolton, was jailed for 12 years; Fahim Kola, 20, of Willows Lane, Bolton, received 10 years eight months, Mohammed Asif Khan, 27, formerly of Mencroft Avenue, Bolton, was jailed for nine years and four months, and Baber Khan, 26, of Jasmine Court, Bolton, was jailed for 10 years eight months.
Comin' Atcha, Again, on CB Radio; a Low-Tech '70's Rage Makes a Big Comeback in the High-Tech Age.