ATCPAppleTalk Control Protocol
ATCPAtaxia Telangiectasia Children's Project
ATCPAntarctic Treaty Consultative Party
ATCPArmy Transformation Campaign Plan
ATCPAluminium Toe and Composition Plate (shoes)
ATCPA Town Called Panic (film)
ATCPAd-Hoc Transmission Control Protocol
ATCPAir Training Command Pamphlet
ATCPAutomated Technical Control Program
ATCPAir and Turbo Coolant Pump (BorgWarner Automotive)
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At a time when the two countries do not enjoy diplomatic relations, the ATCP is one of the most important steps in normalizing the relationships between the people of these two countries and to begin a constructive cross-border dialogue.
ATCP has brought to life 11 short and documentary film projects, facilitated over 100 inter-state
Entretanto, la polaridad de tales compuestos, la cual es uno de los factores que influencian la retencion y penetracion de los compuestos por la cuticula, fue analizada para todos los compuestos por medio del area total de los compuestos polares (ATCP) y el area total de los compuestos apolares (ATCA) (Anexo 2).
Most recently, a significant improvement of bioactivity, degradation and mechanical properties of PLGA composites has been demonstrated by using nanosized instead of microsized ATCP fillers (26).
Once Pakistan becomes an Acceding State it would not only get necessary cooperation and support and Antarctic Treaty Consultative parties (ATCP) in launching any future expeditions to Antarctica but would also get necessary training facilities for Pakistani scientist participation in their joint research programs, as well as the requisite support and assistance from related international organization involved in Antarctic Research Activities.
Alternative teacher certification program (ATCP) is widely used as a term for a variety of programs designed to train and credential teachers in expedited fashion.
[34.] ATCP (Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection) Cheese grading, packaging and labelling, Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter ATCP 81, Register No.
In December 2000, the Army published its notice of intent (NOI) to prepare a programmatic environmental impact statement (PEIS) evaluating the thirty-year Army Transformation Campaign Plan (ATCP) in the Federal Register, (145) and published a public notice seeking comment on the PEIS in USA Today, (146) without publishing notices in the Hawaii media.
This index, first developed by the The Tunisian Association of Public Auditors (ATCP), assessed a sample of 36 public companies that responded to the survey out of a total of 97 companies that received the questionnaire to measure the governance of public companies.