ATCVAustralian Trust for Conservation Volunteers
ATCVAiredale Terrier Club of Victoria (Darnum, Victoria, Australia)
ATCVAnti-Tank Combat Vehicle
ATCVAutologous Tissue Cardiac Valve (cardiovascular medicine)
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ATRP and ATCV performances beacon for compliance with technical standards.
ATCV actions to put in Category II / III Zaragoza Airport.
Contract notice: Technical assistance services for ATRP and ATCV screed Runway.
(or purchase) Regeneration ATCV pavements 18R-36L runway.
ATCV new sewage-treatment plant waters Lanzarote airport.
ATCV actions to start Category II / III - Zaragoza Airport.
ATRP and ATCV remodeling and adaptation of 5 VIP rooms - Madrid-Barajas Airport.