ATDCAfter Top Dead Center (gasoline and diesel engine timing)
ATDCAdvanced Technology Development Center (NASA)
ATDCArmy Training and Doctrine Command
ATDCAdvanced Tactical Display Center
ATDCArbitrary Time-Dependent Current
ATDCArmy Training Device Center
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The plunger is then used to compress the hay as more is added, explained Daniel Odiwuor of Siaya ATDC. With the plunger depressed, the bale is tied up tightly.
In particular, the cut-off frequency of the filter has been set to 15 kHz, and the signal has been windowed between 25 and 55[degrees]CA ATDC.
ATDC will offer teachers the opportunity to work towards Professional Development Qualifications Certificate and Diploma programs at Level 4 and 5 of the Framework for Higher Education Qualification (FHEQ) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, in Teaching and Learning and Teaching Bilingual Learners.
The ATDC said it is willing to organise a presentation of tourism opportunities of Assam in Almaty.
For the lean mixture (0.5<[PHI]<1), a larger TNA leads to a higher percentage from around 8 CA aTDC to 25 CA aTDC, mainly due to the longer residence time of the fuel in the combustion chamber.
A state-funded program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, ATDC is Georgia's premier technology incubator and works with entrepreneurs and startups across the state.
At the late stage of combustion (such as 10[degrees]CA ATDC as shown in Table 3), all five have similar temperature distribution, although wedge has the smallest area of high temperature (red colour) and slope has the smallest area of mid-high temperature (yellow colour).
Leghari (D.G, PMNH), Tariq Tanveer (CEO, ATDC) and Dr.
ATDC's plan includes opening multiple satellite offices in midtown Atlanta, where it will focus on building startups in niches, such as microelectronics fabrication, advanced manufacturing and clean tech, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
The aircraft which was handed over at the Airbus Tianjin Delivery Centre (ATDC) joins Tibet AirlinesO existing fleet of eight existing A319s.
C'est ce qu'a indique le secretaire general de l'Association tunisienne de droit constitutionnel (ATDC), Chaouki Kaddess dans une declaration a Shems fm, precisant qu'une equipe de 4 personnes, membres de l'association, a veille a la traduction de la Constitution en dialecte tunisien.