ATDIAt the Drive-In
ATDIAdvance Trade Data Initiative (US Customs and Border Protection)
ATDIAviation Training and Development Institute (International Air Transportation Association)
ATDIAdvanced Topographic Development & Images
ATDIAmerican Tap Dance Institute
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Dr Ramy Moussly, ATDI General Manager, said First Avenue is an exciting development whose appeal is as much to tourists, shoppers, families and business people as it is to sports, lifestyle and racing enthusiasts.
The ATDI simulator is used to approve the mathematical model for optimum relay placement.
In this section, the numerical results for the proposed mathematical model are explained and compared with results using the ATDI simulator, which uses a real digital cartographic representation of an urban area.
It's easy to see how the conflicting forces within ATDI made it so compelling and ultimately led to its undoing."
Survey Framework Additional Socio-demographic Gender--Educational level City and Pillars information country of residence--Age Adventure tourism Comparison between Suesca and other destinations adventure tourism destinations in issues such as prices, services, information and natural resources Sustainability Perception of tourists in issues of environmental practices and governmental support to adventure tourism activities ATDI Safety Two indicators at the national level Pillars and the perception of a panel of experts of the safety of adventure tourism destinations.
The Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI), now in its third year, offers a ranking of countries around the world based on principles of sustainable adventure tourism and is calculated through a combination of expert survey data and quantitative data gathered from international indices.
UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development, is thrilled to be part of CABSAT 2009 and proud to present 17 innovative French companies on the French pavilion : AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS, ANEVIA, ATDI, AUDEMAT, ENIGMA SYSTEMS, HTTV, INA, ISOSTEM, PREVIEW GM SYSTEMS, PRO CONSULTANT INFORMATIQUE, SGT, TCUBE, THALES ANGENIEUX, THALES ELECTRON DEVICES, TONNA, VISIOSAT et WINMEDIA.
In this work, we show some simulation results from locally implemented propagation models and simulations from a commercial tool widely used in our country, ATDI's ICS Telecom.
Leaders in adventure travel from South America introduced the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) which supports responsible and sustainable development of emerging adventure travel destinations worldwide.
Software solutions provider ATDI Ltd has revealed it has created a set of tools to help MLL Telecom Ltd, a UK wireless backhaul provider, to help it maintain its market position.
Advance Trade Data Initiative (ATDI) and Automated Commercial Environment (ACE): Supply chain security and trade-compliance data is used by CBP to target and screen risky shipments.