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ATDMAsynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATDMAsynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing
ATDMAgent Technology for Disaster Management
ATDMAdaptive Time Division Multiplexer
ATDMAlgorithmic Techniques for Data Mining
ATDMAntenna Time Domain Measurement
ATDMAdvanced Tracking Data Module
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Some ATDM programs use incentives to influence travelers in specific groups [25, 26], like transit riders, while some apply incentives to general autodrivers directly [10].
At the end of the grazing period, there was no effect (p > 0.05) of nitrogen levels for ATDM, ADMLB and ADMS with mean values of 2,943, 611 and 785 kg DM [ha.sub.-1], respectively (Table 6).
On the other hand, Automated Telephone Disease Management (ATDM) uses specialized computer technology to deliver messages and collects information from patients.
In addition, with the rise of Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) strategies, and with an increasing industry focus on improving transportation system reliability, operational treatments that affect freeway-arterial connections are becoming increasingly popular.