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ATDPActive Topology Discovery Protocol
ATDPAttention Dial Pulse
ATDPAcademic Talent Development Program
ATDPAdvanced Technology Demonstration Program
ATDPAdvanced Technology Development Plan
ATDPAustralian Tourism Development Programme (Australian government)
ATDPArmy Technology Development Plan
ATDPAt the Donner Party (band)
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In my study mean score for ATDP for doctors was 66.21 SD + 15.08 with minimum score of 26 and maximum score of 102 more on positive side.
The t-values were calculated and presented in this part of the study according to the ATDP subscale scores, averages of total scores and standard deviations of the study group as well as the presence of disabled individuals in the families and acquaintances of the study group.
The ATDP questionnaire contains 23 items such as "If there is any doubt about a defendant's guilt, he or she should not be executed." Students were to respond on a 5-point scale from strongly agree (1) to strongly disagree (5).
While we group-administered the ATDP (Yuker et al., 1966) to students, the classroom teacher completed the Teacher Information Questionnaire.
Every summer, ATDP serves about 2,000 students, ranging from those who have just completed kindergarten to those who have completed 11th grade.
A revised version of the Attitude Toward Disabled Persons (ATDP) Scale was used to quantify the participants' attitude toward people with disabilities.
While admission to this program creates pictures of academic greatness, the Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) attempts to make this scenario a reality for a wider variety of students.
They also reported over 50 correlations of the ATDP with other measures of attitudes toward people with disabilities, establishing concurrent validity for the ATDP.
Research and the attitudes towards disabled persons scales (ATDP) 1960-1985.
To test the effects of the pre-test and the educational intervention, we conducted a two-way multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA) using post-test scores for the ATDP and the KAPWD, and gender, self-disability, family disability, friend disability, and prior experience as covariates.
The major instrument, the Attitudes Toward Disabled Persons (ATDP) Scale by Yuker, Block, & Campbell (1960) has been submitted to factor analytic studies, which indicated that attitudes toward the disabled populations are multidimensional, attitudes are instrument specific rather than domain-related, and also population-specific.