ATDRSAdvanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
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The proportion of narwhals that were at the surface during the overflight of the survey aircraft (availability bias) was estimated from the proportion of time that individual narwhals with archival time-depth recorders (ATDR) and satellite-linked time-depth recorders (STDR) spent at or above 2 m of depth (Table 2).
Time-Depth Recorder Sex Proportion of Time at 2 m or Less STDR 2006-57595 F F 0.348 STDR 2006-57599 F F 0.271 STDR 2006-57599 F F 0.375 ATDR Cresl F 0.382 ATDR Cres2 F 0.276 ATDR Trem3 M 0.340 ATDR MM-2 (1) M 0.287 STDR 2006-57596 M M 0.286 STDR 2006-57597 M M 0.305 Mean 0.319 SD 0.043 SE 0.0143 CV 0.045 n 9 (1) From Laidre et al., 2002.
If we used [t.sub.o] = 0, then we would expect [C.sub.a] derived from the ATDR dive-cycle data to be equal to [1/[p.sub.a]] derived from the pooled TDR data.