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At the same time, much of the work in whole heart tissue engineering focuses on using decellularized cadaveric hearts, retaining native macro- and microvasculature and ECM, structures which best promote the differentiation of seeded adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ATDSCs) and MSCs into site-specific cell populations [57, 58].
ATDSCs, bone marrow MSCs, Sca-[1.sup.+] cells, and human bone marrow mononuclear stem cells (BMMNC) were seeded on collagen scaffolds to assess the therapeutic potential in treating MI.
Type Matrix source Cell source Decellularized Cadaveric and animal Alone, MSC, ATDSC, source: Myocardial NRVCM, ECM, pericardium cardiomyocytes, and ECM, SIS, UBM, and so on so on Fibro matrix Natural fibers: Natural fibers Collagen, fibrin, always mixed with chitosan, alginate, differentiated and hyaluronic acid, proliferative gelatin, albumin, potential cells: and so on Artificial iPSC, MSC, ESC, synthetic fibers: BMMNC, and so on or PGA, PLGA, PCU, PGS, simply alone.