ATDSRAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (US DHHS)
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2010) mostly from diet and indoor residential uses (via ingestion, dermal, and inhalation pathways) (ATDSR 2003; Lu et al.
In humans, symptoms of systemic pyrethroid poisoning resulting from accidental exposure or intentional ingestion are well characterized (ATDSR 2003; Ray and Forshaw 2000; Soderlund et al.
By December 2010, the ATDSR announced it would oppose the burning of vegetation and open detonation of unexploded ordnance; but as of mid-2011, the open burn and open explosion methods were still being used on Vieques by Navy contractors.
Nevertheless, 90% of all arsenic produced is used as wood preservative (ATDSR, 2001).
Disodium methylarsenta (DMSA) is one arsenic pesticide still in use on cotton plants (ATDSR, 2001) and becomes deposited in the soil.
The Ninth Circuit found that the plain language and purpose of CERCLA support the conclusion that ATDSR is health surveillance activities are "removal actions." "Removal actions" are those actions necessary to protect the public health from any fallout from the hazardous waste site.