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ATEAfter the Event (insurance)
ATEAsk the Experts (forum)
ATEAccess to Energy (newsletter)
ATEAcute Toxicity Estimate
ATEAccess to Excellence
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATEAutomated Test Equipment
ATEArchitecting the Enterprise (computer architecture)
ATEApplication to Enrol (various universities)
ATEAirborne Toxic Event (band)
ATEAdult Treasure Expo (Japan)
ATEAmphenol-Tuchel Electronics (Germany)
ATEAdvanced Technological Education
ATEAssociation of Teacher Educators
ATEArterial Thromboembolism
ATEAdult and Technical Education (various schools)
ATEAvionics Test Equipment
ATEAutomatic Telephone Exchange
ATEAdvanced Technologies and Engineering
ATEAsk the Experts
ATEAdvanced Text Editor
ATEAmboseli Trust for Elephants (Kenya)
ATEAssociate Technical Editor
ATEAsociación de Trabajadores del Estado (Spanish: State Employees Association; Argentina)
ATEAttitude Estimation
ATEAsynchronous Terminal Emulation (Sprint)
ATEAdvanced Technology Engine
ATEAdditional Termination Event (contracts)
ATEAdjusted Total Equity
ATEAnnual Training Evaluation
ATEAdventures in Travel Expo (trade show)
ATEA-Tech Enterprises, Inc. (Amarillo, TX)
ATEATM Terminating Equipment (SONET)
ATEAwareness, Training & Education (NIST)
ATEActual Time En Route
ATEAirborne Test Equipment
ATEAssistance Technique Esthétique (French salon equipment retailer)
ATEAda Training Environment
ATEAsteroid True Equator (NASA)
ATEAir Terminal Equipment
ATEAgence de Transaction Européenne (French: European Transaction Agency; real estate)
ATEAppendix Tab Enclosure
ATEAcquisition and Tracking Electronics
ATEAxially Tilted Ellipse (antenna)
ATEAwaiting Test Equipment
ATEAutomated Terrain Elevation
ATEAUTODIN Terminal Equipment
ATEAmphibische Technische Eenheid (Dutch)
ATEAutomatic Terminate Engagement
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Men and women who ate until full were twice as likely to be overweight compared with counterparts who did not eat until full.
During their month on the jelly beans, the volunteers unconsciously compensated by cutting calories from the other foods they ate. But during their month on the soda, they ate no less food to compensate, which led them to gain an average of 2 1/2 pounds.
Thirteen cases, 5.19/1,000, of diphyllobothriasis were found in the patients who ate raw fish.
In studies of Faroe Islands women who ate diets high in whale blubber while pregnant, impairments in language, attention, and memory were found in their children at age 7.
We observed, for example, that while some Chinese residents were somewhat "Americanized" and ate Western food, others often ate little of the food that was served.
They found that mice on the high-DHA diet had only about 30 percent as many deposits of a waxy protein called beta-amyloid--a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease--compared with mice that ate little or no DHA.
She shared her research and showed how eagerly her mother ate when fed slowly.
Youngsters who joined family members regularly for meals were 24 percent more likely to eat healthy foods than children who rarely ate with their families.
Those who said they ate the most processed meats (roughly one ounce a day for a 2,000-calorie diet) had about a 70 percent higher risk than those who said they ate the least (no more than around an ounce a week).
Recently, researchers combined the results of studies involving more than 200,000 individuals and found that, compared with those who never ate fish or those who ate fish less than once a month, those eating fish once per week had a 15 percent reduced risk of dying from heart disease, while those eating fish 5 or more times per week had almost a 40 percent reduction in risk.
Because 81% of the patients ate in the cafeteria on July 11 and 12 compared with 23% on July 13, July 11 and 12 were considered the most likely days of exposure.