ATECOAuto-Triggered Elliptic Centric-Ordered
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(5) ATECO codes of economic activities are developed by the Italian government statistical association (ISTAT), based on the Classification of Economic Activities provided by the European Community.
The estimations are stratified by two-digit ATECO industrial classifications, which allow for equal coefficients of the covariates across strata (industries) but baseline hazards that are unique for each stratum (industry).
(8) For a detailed list of these sectors along with their Italian Standard Industrial Classification (ATECO) codes, see Table 8 in the appendix.
Early on Hogmanay they stole a white Mercedes Ateco box van worth pounds 18,000 with the registration V30GUE, which police believe may have been dumped.
When Caterpillar introduced a Model 60 gasoline-powered tractor that would pull an Ateco hydraulic scraper, Hill bought five at a cost of nearly S30,000.
Others, like Ranjan Maini of ATECO, in the United Arab Emirates, came to unwind after a hard day's work.
(6) TFP is a measure of total factor productivity and is calculated as the residual from a Cobb-Douglas production function, which is estimated separately for each Ateco 3-digit industry.
Her purchases have included Ateco pastry decorating tips and equipment as well as Chef Choice knives and Chefware clothing.