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ATENAssistive Technology Educational Network
ATENAustin Time Exchange Network (Austin, TX)
ATENAssistive Technology Exchange Network
ATENAssociation for Theological Education in Nepal (est. 1993; Kathmandu, Nepal)
ATENAssociation Technique de l’Énergie Nucléaire (France)
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"It is an honor to have been recognized by CRN for the tenth year in a row as a channel leader, and I am confident that we will be able to utilize my areas of expertise to help ATEN to continue to streamline its channel ecosystem and improve customer experience as well as drive towards a 100% channel model," said Garcia.
National Aten Coin has developed a next-generation digital currency that is 100% anti-moneylaundering compliant.
The truth is that in the fifth year of his reign, Akhnaten moved his court from Thebes, for centuries the seat of pharaonic power, to the newly built Akhetaten, halfway down the Nile the Tell el Amarna of Barry Kemp''s book (The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti - Amarna and its people) where he drifted into megalomania, declining to listen to any opinion but his own, and approving of sculptured bas reliefs, which show the golden disc of Aten, reaching down to him and his queen, in a strikingly haunting concept, with each beam of light ending in a miniature human hand.
Aten, Libert, and Burch have developed a process for extruding partially crystalline melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer melts that have sufficient melt strength to be processed by blowing as in blow molding or blown film.
Aten was the name of Akhenaten's god that was reflected as a sun disk.
ATEN's constitution (article 4) says that it can consider starting a college at the bachelor of divinity or master of theology level.
Akhetaten, the apostate's folly, lies in ruins under Aten's rays.
Aten Design Group will send off Microsoft's much-maligned Internet Explorer 6 Web browser with a tongue-in-cheek funeral next Thursday.
Yesterday, Google's popular video site YouTube named March 13 as the end-of-support date for IE6.<p>"We thought it would be funny to do an IE6 funeral," said Justin Toupin, Aten Design's founder and creative director, in an interview.
And the royal couple made powerful enemies because of their monotheism: They worshipped only Aten, a solar god representing the life-giving force of tight.
COMPUTEX, Taipei, June 2, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - ATEN International, leading designer and manufacturer of advanced communications solutions, today at COMPUTEX 2009 introduces a new series of ALTUSEN KVM Over the NET(TM) switches KN4140v, KN4124v, KN2140v and KN2124v.
Newly appointed board members include: Rick Dexter, owner Lynlouart LLC; Carol Aten, former executive director, Squamscott Community Commons; Keith Banford, founder and CEO, Daystar Computer Services; Julie Howard, Clerk of Court, Stratford Superior Court; and Mark Sullivan, 'president and chief investment officer, Seacoast Asset Management Inc.