ATENAAutonomie, Technologies Numériques et Apprentissages (French: Autonomy, Digital Technology and Learning)
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Na telenovela A regra do jogo (Joao Emanuel CARNEIRO, 2015), presenciamos a vila Atena (Giovana Antonelli) ser humilhada, presa em uma coleira pelo seu ex-marido Vander (Roney Vilella), e apanhar de seu amante Romero (Alexandre Nero) enquanto esta amarrada.
Safety of air transport, digital transformation and the role of aeronautical engineers and technicians are the main topics on the event's agenda, said Tunisian ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel) Association ATENA Secretary-General Khaled Nsiri.
No Canto 16, no breve contato com Telemaco anterior a revelacao ordenada por Atena, o mendigo condena de modo veemente os pretendentes por seus "atrevimentos" e "ultrajes" (atasthala; aeikea/aeikelios; vv.
Philip Luther, Amnesty International's Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said, "We are extremely alarmed by reports from Shahr-e Rey prison about the targeting and escalating ill-treatment of Golrokh and Atena. They should never have been imprisoned in the first place, and now it seems the Iranian authorities are deliberately subjecting them to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment because of their outspoken activism and continued human rights work even behind bars."
They took a round of the exhibition with the artists Hossein Ali Asfandyar and Atena Asfandyar.
RAWALPINDI -- Three days exhibition of Iranian Islamic Arts by Hossein Ali Asfandyar and Atena Asfandyar has been concluded on Saturday.
The exhibition of Iranian Islamic arts, comprising calligraphy and illumination, by Hossain Ali Asfandyar and his daughter Atena Asfandyar has been arranged to mark the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
A similar incident occurred in Iran last year where a seven-year-old Atena Aslani was assaulted, killed and dumped, to which the Iranian government openly hanged the assaulter in front of a large crowd.
She cited an example of Iran where last year a seven-year-old Atena Aslani was assaulted, killed, dumped and the Iranian government openly hanged the assaulter in front of a large crowd and since then no such case has been reported.
The endeavour is to verify the results obtained from the analytical flexural model with the results obtained from 3D nonlinear finite element program "ATENA 3D" and with the published experimental data by the authors [14].
Una notte ad Atene nel mare bianco dell'Acropoli la civetta disse Atena (Di notte sull'Acropoli, P 215).
The lovely, shadowy, skeletal tree silhouettes designed by Atena Ameri work well and Pater Teigens' lighting is superb.