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Next, we converted the ATEQ; Lottes et al., 1993) and SOS (Fisher et al., 1988) subscale scores to standardized z-scores to screen for outliers.
In its statement, the interior ministry said the fighting resulted in "the deaths of five members of al Qaeda, two members of the security forces and the arrest of 32 suspects." Ateq told AFP the "army continued a sweep of the town where the displaced have begun to gradually return." Between 8,000 and 12,000 of Hota's 20,000 residents were estimated to have fled the town, according to the Yemeni Red Crescent.
Dr Mohammed Ateq Al Falahi, RCA Secretary-General, noted that the authority had sent humanitarian assistance to the Haiyan victims immediately after the typhoon struck the country.
Mohammed Ateq Al Falahi, the Secretary-General of Red Crescent said.
Already safely through to the last eight, the Ministry side could have been forgiven for taking it easy last night but nothing could have been further from the truth as they coasted to a 8-3 half-time lead thanks to goals from Jassim Ahmed Al Rowaie, Hisham Nasser Thabit, Ateq Saad Majed, Fawaz bu Saqer, Ahmed Ghalib, Ali Mothina Ali and a brace from Tariq Ahmed Aji.
Abdullah Ateq, the official in charge of the Mayfaya region that includes Hota, said: "Some people are under fire from al Qaeda operatives." According to Ateq, despite reinforcements being sent from Sanaa, government forces have been unable to enter Hota.
"The coalition forces carried out air operation in Ateq for supporting the People's Committees and the tribes in addition to operations in "Baidhaa", Shabwa and in the vicinity of Dalea to support the resistance on the ground," Asiri said, pointing out that food supplies and relief aid were dropped yesterday in Shabwa and Aden.
A first half hat-trick from Hisham Nasser Thabit added to further goals from Ateq Saad Majed, Jassim Ahmed Alrowaie and Ali Mothina Ali gave the Ministry side an emphatic 6-0 lead at the break.
The militias moved from Dalea to Shabwa, for instance, and existing in small groups in Ateq, he disclosed.
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